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Mystic Cool Drop

Tube Gallery is proud to present Mystic Cool by Mattia Guarnera, 2 unique prints. Each artwork is numbered and hand-signed on the label by the artist, and priced at 400€ (plus any applicable taxes). The number of editions is limited to 20 during the drop window.


Don’t smoke in bed

Mattia Guarnera



Mattia Guarnera


About Mattia Guarnera

Mattia Guarnera-MacCarthy is a British artist born in 1999, he graduated with a BA Diploma from Camberwell University of Art, UAL, in 2022. Guarnera-MacCarthy’s artistic practice revolves around an exploration of the human condition, employing visual language borrowed from the realms of sports, entertainment and social media as a catalyst for deeper understanding. Fascinated by the complexities and nuances that permeate everyday life, Guarnera-MacCarthy strives to capture and dissect these intricacies through his work. In his most recent practice, he has delved into an exploration of contemporary aesthetics, zooming in closer to textures, fabrics, and figures, utilising perspective and focus to visually romanticise life.

About Mystic Cool

Mystic Cool editions are based on the paintings from Guarnera-MacCarthy’s latest series, Mystic Cool Paintings (2023). Airbrushed in a warm and cold colour palette, resulting in a synthetic, saturated and rendered finish. They mark a natural evolution in Mattia Guarnera’s own practice, and his engagement with the tension between realism and hyperrealism.

Through his artistic lens, he brings attention to often overlooked scenes and moments of everyday life, recognising their potential to evoke compelling allegorical, ideological, and philosophical debates that may otherwise remain unexpressed. By translating photographic images into paintings, he creates a visual diary that captures the fleeting nature of contemporary existence. He strives to offer thought-provoking insights into the consequences of our hyperconnected, consumer-driven society.

Mystic Cool paintings are to be unveiled to the public at the opening of the exhibition held at Tube Gallery on 17 May 2024. His works have been featured in various exhibitions globally, including galleries like The Hole in NYC, Guts Gallery London, Better Go South Berlin and Frieze Art Fair London.

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All the prints are on display at Tube Gallery for the duration of the drop. Admission to the gallery is free, with no appointment required. However, if you’d like to visit the gallery at another time, please feel free to book your appointment at info@tubecontemporary.com

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Mystic Cool prints by Mattia Guarnera-MacCarthy are available for a limited time only. You can make your order now here. If you have any questions, please see the below FAQs or contact customer support.

Application period

The application period lasts one week and opens at 3pm.

Allocation & Claim

The successful applicants will be able to proceed with the payment.


Tube Gallery endeavours to dispatch all the artworks within 3 months of the close of the purchase window. Customers will be contacted with a tracking number before their work is shipped.


If you have any questions, you can explore our FAQs. If you want to get in touch, please contact customer support.

Mystic Cool by Mattia Guarnera-MacCarthy are two unique prints which depict scenes of everyday life after works from his latest series Mystic Cool Paintings. They are original prints on Hahnemühle Paper, measuring 61 x 65cm and 61 x 75cm respectively. Each artwork is numbered and hand-signed on the label by the artist and priced at 400€ (plus any applicable taxes).

The number of editions will be limited to 20 editions per print during the drop window, which lasts from 1 May until 15 May at 17.00 GMT.

The Mystic Cool editions can be shipped internationally. Please note that the editions are shipped from Spain. Unless otherwise stated, the shipping costs charged by Tube Gallery do not include any local taxes, import and customs duties that may be payable by you depending on where your editions are shipped. You will be contacted by your local customs or shipping regarding paying VAT and any applicable duties.

The Mystic Cool editions are laminated Giclée prints on aluminium composite panel, measuring 61x65cm and 61x75cm respectively. Each print will be hand-signed and numbered by Mattia Guarnera-McCarthy on a label on the verso.

The edition sizes for Mystic Cool editions will be limited to 20 per print.

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