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UPCOMING: September 20th


Curated by Sayori Radda


Mystic Cool

Mattia Guarnera

17.05.24 - 21.06.24

Mattia Guarnera-MacCarthy is a British artist born in 1999, known for his explorative approach to art using visual language derived from sports, entertainment and the impact of social media. His practice serves as a catalyst to delve into and comprehend the intricate nuances of the human condition. Guarnera-MacCarthy’s work encompasses a wide array of contemporary themes, including identity, expression, competition, masculinity, and stardom.



Rafa Forteza

16.02.24 - 26.04.24

His first exhibition at Tube Gallery is titled “Rafa Forteza: Etymologies” and is organized on two levels, starting with his most recent paintings. From there, it proposes a reverse journey through his sculptures and drawings, until reaching some works from the nineties that have survived in his studio over time. In this way, it suggests a return to the origin to then retrace the path taken.


Ubiquitous nº14

26.09.23 - 10.12.23

Tube Gallery is pleased to present Ubiquitous No.14, a group exhibition featuring conceptual, process-based and performative works of art, curated by London-based writer Elaine ML Tam.


Stilled images

30.06.23 - 18.08.23

Stilled Images presents seventeen artists working across film, photography, painting, drawing and sculpture, whose works come together to investigate and interrogate the boundary between still and moving image.




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