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Artist in Residency: Mattia Guarnera

Introducing @mattia.guarnera who is currently with us for his Artist in Residency and producing a new body of work for his Solo Show opening in May – stay tuned
Mattia Guarnera-MacCarthy, a British artist born in 1999, has emerged as a notable figure in the contemporary art scene.
Graduating from Camberwell University of Art, UAL, in 2022, his diverse heritage-South East London roots with Italian and Ghanaian parentage-adds a distinctive lens to his work.
Garnering recognition from galleries like The Hole in New York and Better Go South Berlin, his art delves into subtle explorations of mundane moments. Through these explorations, he seeks to romanticize life and prompt viewers to delve into their own realities. With a portfolio showcased in global exhibitions and art fairs like Frieze London, Guarnera-MacCarthy’s influence continues to expand. His aspiration is to foster meaningful dialogues about the essence of the human condition, inspiring reflection and exploration within his audience.

Art Palma Brunch

We are thrilled to announce we will be part of the Art Palma Brunch Program taking place this Saturday23rd of March from 11am to 2pm.Thank you to the Art Palma

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Opening “Etimologías”

We are pleased to announce the opening of the first exhibition of 2024 at Tube Gallery (Carrer Nicolau de Pacs, 25, 07006 Palma) next Friday February 16th at 18:00. The

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