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Max Boyla: Solo Exhibition 2024

Tube Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming autumn solo exhibition by Max Boyla (b. 1991, Edinburgh) a Scottish artist based in London who recently graduated from the Royal Academy Schools.Holding to a tradition that sees painting as an illusion, Boyla’s work can exist in a perpetual limbo: a place where the limited and real world mingles with the eternal and fictional.

His satin surfaces, a synthetic material derived as a petroleum byproduct, create tension, offering a lustre towards abstract cosmologies. Shorn of all sense of time and place, fantasies of the infinite collide with a questioning of a contemporary state of disillusionment.

Highlights of recent exhibitions include ‘Crying like a fire in the sun”, Workplace, London (2024, solo); ‘Slow Motion’, Des Bains, London (2023, duo); ‘Slivers in the Void’, Mamoth, London (2023, group); ‘Add More Fuel To Your Life’, Sim Smith, London (2023, solo); ‘Inside Out’, The Artist Room, London (2022, group).


2019-23 Postgraduate at The Royal Academy Schools, London. 

2024 Land, Sea, Air, Palmer Gallery, London

2024 A Painting Show, Staffordshire St, London

2024 Double Take, LVH, London. 

Showing Alongside: Albert Oehlen, Adam Pendleton, Andrea Marie Breiling, Andy Warhol, Brice Guilbert, Camille Henrot, Cheyney Thompson, Christopher Wool, Dustin Emory, Emily Kraus, Harminder Judge, Hugh Scott Douglas, Jack Warne, Jeff Elrod, Jerome Nadeau, Katharina Grosse, Larry Bell, Mary Corse, Mika Tajima, Nate Lowman, Oliver Beer, Reuben Beren James, Rudolf Stingel, Viola Leddi, Wade Guyton, WangShui.


2024 New Contemporaries, London

2024 Tube Gallery, Palma, Spain
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